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At Red Banner, we believe that good aviation profile artwork should not only be attractive, but must also be historically accurate. That is the work we do.

Each profile here exhibits the same care and attention to detail that has come to characterise Red Banner's work: every fastener and screw is present, accurate to the latest level of known documentation. Every colour is fully and carefully researched; every marking investigated thoroughly.

Aircraft from many nations have been drawn in this way, as one will see when the catalogue is completed. Each profile is available for purchase, and may be ordered in one of two standard poster format sizes (some profiles are offered in both-- please see the specific listings):

A3 sized sheet, single  (420 mm x 297 mm)
A2 sized half-sheet  (594 mm x 210 mm)

A3 posters feature more decorative elements, to include unit and squadron badges, manufacturer's logos, medals and awards, and other such devices.

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A2 (half-sheet) posters feature full resolution colour profiles (the original size of the created work) and less decoration, focusing on the machine itself.

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Each poster is sold as a TIFF format digital file. The artwork is individually numbered and features a discreet watermark personalised for the customer; both as a proof of payment, and also to discourage illicit reproduction. Customers are authorised to print copies of the artwork for their own use, but prohibited from making copies of the artwork, from transferring the artwork to any other person or from employing the artwork in any commercial manner.

Customers are advised to browse larger versions of the various artwork profiles using the categories below before ordering.

Some prints are available in different sizes, and custom artwork may be commissioned; please e-mail for further details.

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