Useful and Interesting VVS Links
[1/7/20] CLICK  Walkaround Photos of Early Yak-1, By Timut Pakuro
A superb series of photos of a recovered Series 20 Yak-1. The original AII colours-- Green/Black/Blue-- have been preserved in parts and are still clear, visible and unmistakable.

[7/7/20] CLICK  Recovery of Il-2 P/N 1870930 from a lake, By Mark Sheppard

A very nice pictorial article on the recovery of this single-seat Il-2 of Series 30. The machine features a host of curious detail modifications, such as the fitment of mixed RO82 and RO132 rails and an odd VYa-23 fairing. Despite a fair number of erroneous conclusions in the text (the aircraft was a single-seat Il-2, not a two-seat; it was finished in AII paints, which can still be clearly seen; etc), it is certainly worth a careful look.